Tenerife Weather - Eternal spring

Beaches made from the sand of the Sahara, breathtaking cliffs, bizarre volcanic landscapes and an impressive mountain world make the Canary Islands a popular holiday destination.

The weather in Tenerife is varying and diverse. Tenerife is the largest and at the same time also the most versatile of the Canary Islands, also the climate here differs slightly stronger. Therefore, the weather forecast on Tenerife always has to be considered differentiated.

Tenerife is one of the so-called islands of eternal spring. This means that even in the winter months the daily average temperature is above 20°C. But also in the evening and at night time it does not get very cold...

In spring, the temperatures continue rising and in the summer time it can easily go up to 30°C. In autumn, it still stays very warm and only in November and December it gets a little colder, yet still moderate.

If you want to go for holidays to Puerto de la Cruz, there is a much more abundant vegetation, but this is only possible with sufficient rainfall. But even here, the weather is mild all year round, warm enough to make vacation comfortable even in the winter months.

At the Mount Teide the temperatures can get very low in the winter and the peak is often covered with snow, while there are maybe 24 degrees at sea level. Therefore, you should always take a jacket with you on a day trip to the mountains.

A special climatic condition in Tenerife is the "Calima" emerging from hot desert winds. In the summer months, these winds frequently blow from the Sahara to the Canary Islands. The Calima usually lasts 3-5 days and involves high temperatures around 40°C. This reddish Sahara dust can even be seen on satellite images.

However, the weather in Tenerife is so warm and sunny that you can make holidays throughout the whole year.

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